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A creative mind is key!

Felix’ journey began in 2007 when he entered the show business realm, captivating audiences with his talents showcased on prominent German TV shows like Galileo and TV Total. His talent extends across various disciplines, with titles such as four-time Splashdiving world champion, national trampoline champion, and holder of a world record in 10m diving.

Felix embarked on a global adventure in 2012, making live-shows his career. From residing in China for four years to touring the USA for two, and performing in Dubai, Europe, and beyond, Felix’s energy and passion for entertainment knew no bounds.

His journey reached new heights aboard the largest Royal Caribbean Cruise ships, where he not only dazzled audiences with his performances but also showcased his creative flair by choreographing acrobatics and other movements for the company’s shows. As his passion evolved, Felix took on roles in directing stage video content and associate directing new show creations, demonstrating his innate ability to shape captivating narratives through visual storytelling.

Beyond the spotlight, Felix’s curiosity led him to dive into the realm of technology, mastering coding in various programming languages and building skills in 3D software like Blender and Unity. This fusion of creativity and technical proficiency culminated in the creation of YourSplash, the world’s first diving simulator app, marking Felix’s foray into game development. With an array of positive reviews and subsequent game titles under his belt, Felix’s innovative approach to merging real-world movement with virtual art has garnered recognition in both industries.

Currently completing his bachelor’s degree in computer science, Felix’s skill set and creative vision is making him a valuable asset in an array of professions. Whether crafting stage performances, immersive gaming experiences, or conceptualizing captivating visuals, solidifies his status as a unique and invaluable talent in the global arena.


In 2024, Felix launched a new company – Creative Pack Productions, with two of her long time friends and creative co-founders Sammie Denham & Shay Kuebler. With their talents combined, Creative Pack offers full scale show creations.

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